We believe that church should not be limited to a Sunday morning experience. Join a ministry to develop and discover your spiritual gift. Click below to inquire more information about our ministries and to be part of our growing family.


The purpose of the Choir Ministry is to lead the congregation in worshipping our lord, share the gospel of Jesus Christ through songs, encourage believers and provide an opportunity through which individuals may express and share their God-given gift in music experiences. If you love worshiping Jesus, sing or play an instrument, we would love to have you join us.


The Bible tells us that “children are a gift from the Lord…” The IEEC Dulles Children’s Ministry strives to nurture kids with the word of God, helping them to grow physically, intellectually and spiritually. We, as a church, make a great effort to provide an environment for kids where they are safe and are taught the word of God at their appropriate age level.


The goal of the Prayer Ministry is to create a platform where church members are equipped and encouraged to pray continually and effectively. The ministry is committed to support our church in prayer as well as pray over those who are sick, in need or in crisis. We welcome you to join our prayer service every Tuesday to pray and get encouragement.


The goal of the Women’s ministry is to create a platform for women to strengthen their relationship with God and deepen the connection among women. The ministry creates a place for women of all ages to connect with Christ and service to one another through worshipping together, praying together and studying the word of God.


Our Media Ministry supports all activities in the church and other ministries through the use of technology and media. The ministry strives to make it possible for our church to share the gospel of Jesus Christ by utilizing different mediums. The ministry is responsible for many technical aspects of the church such as recordings, graphics, website, sound system and sermon, choir presentations.